What is MtnPOS system?

MtnPOS is a complete package includes POS register hardware, dedicated web server, dedicated database server, product management, inventory management, advanced reporting and responsive ecommerce web front. It is developed in latest technologies of Golang and Swift languages. It is highly efficient and reliable.

A super fast dedicated POS system runs in your store.

MtnPOS has all the functionalities of a standard POS: an iPad POS register, a cash drawer, a thermal receipt printer, a credit card reader and a barcode scanner. MtnPOS dedicated web and database servers support Linux, MacOS and Windows systems. It's easy to setup, easy to operate.


A responsive mobile friendly ecommerce web front.

MtnPOS natively includes a responsive ecommerce web site. You customers can make a purchase from his/her own desktop or mobile devices by using credit cards, from home, office or anywhere.

mtnpos store front

An advanced inventory management system.

MtnPOS has an advanced inventory management system which support unlimited locations, sections and vendors. It has a complete tracking of all products and seamlessly integrated to sales system.

mtnpos inventory list

An advanced product management system.

MtnPOS has a unlimited-level of category system. It supports simple and configurable products. It also has discount management, payment methods management, delivery methods management, tax management. MtnPOS supports payment by Cash, Credit Card, Check or unlimited self-defined payment methods.

mtnpos report payment

An advanced reporting system.

MtnPOS has sales order report, sales order report, payment report, inventory report. All reports can be printed easily or downloaded as excel file. They also can be filtered by day, month and year.

mtnpos report
creditcard Fast

MtnPOS server runs in your local store. The network latency is minimized. MtnPOS server is developed in latest technology golang, and it's highly optimized and super fast.

dev Secure

You have your own dedicated MtnPOS server in LAN. No sharing web server. No sharing database server. All data are controlled tightly in local.

globe Reliable

MtnPOS server is developed in latest technology golang and tested extensively. It's highly optimized and resilient. It uses less serve CPU and less memory compared to older technology.

support Powerful

MtnPOS system has rich features including iPad client, responsive ecommerce web front, product management, inventory management, staff management, discount management, reporting and more.

mail Friendly

The iPad register is slim and elegant. The checkout process is only one step. Product management is super simple and easy.

locked Affordable

MtnPOS system is very affordable. It costs much less than some giant old POS systems, whereas offers much more features. You can extend additional register sets easily with very little cost.

MtnPOS is refreshing and elegant

Core Features:
  • Support multiple stores (multiple domains)
  • Purchase and management native App for iPad
  • Public web sites to let customers to purchase products online
  • Single Store (Single Domain) for Small Business
  • Unlimited Stores (Unlimited Domains) For Larger Business
  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Simple Inventory Management
  • Advanced Inventory Management For Larger Business
  • Coupon Discount
  • Gift Card
  • Donation
  • Store Credit
  • Campaign Management
  • Tax Support
  • Tax Exempt Support
  • Staff Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Fulfillment
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Reports (Order, Payment, Product And More)
  • Payment Gateways: Stripe, Stripe Chip Reader, Authorize.net, Paypal and Other Vendors
  • Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Unlimited Self-Defined
  • Delivery Methods: UPS, USPS, Fedex, Pickup Now, Pickup later and Unlimited Self-Defined
  • Multiple Payments to A Single Order
  • Full/Partial Order Cancel
  • Order Exchange
  • Digital Signature
  • Additional Tip (Percent or Amount)
  • Configurable Products
  • Extended Products
  • Email And SMS Notifications
  • Multiple Language Support: English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and More
  • Hardware: Receipt Printer, Chip Card Reader, Drawer, Barcode Scanner and More