Barcode Scanner

MtnPOS supports all Bluetooth barcode scanners. Both 1D and 2D will work. You may find them on There are plenty of them. When a valid barcode is scanned, the product will be added to cart immediately. You may also choose to use iPad camera to scan a barcode or enter a barcode manually. A Bluetooth barcode scanner will make checkout process much faster, and so it is highly recommended in a busy store.

Mtnpos Barcode Scan

Enable External Barcode Scanner at settings to support advanced barcode scan. MtnPOS scanning smartly support UPC, Internal Self-generated Barcode, SKU, Product ID and Order ID.

UPC sample: 4011200296908
Internal barcode: ABCDEFG-1234
Product ID: P12345
Order ID: D12345

Some bluetooth scanners(connect as keyboard) for MtnPOS(as long as it supports ios):

Native bluetooth scanner for MtnPOS: