Credit Card Reader

Mtnpos Payment Credit Card

1) ID Tech Shuttle Audio jack credit card reader(for paypal, and stripe unsafe mode) can be purchased here: POSGuys, UniquePOS or Ebay:
Supported Four Models Only:
ID-80110010-001 (green)
ID-80110010-002 (blue)
ID-80110010-003 (orange)
ID-80110010-004 (black)
Id Shuttle Reader

Note: Paypal Payment Pro and accounts will work with shuttle reader out of box. If you are using shuttle reader with stripe account, it only can be used after  login to your stripe account to enable "Handle card information directly", which is default disabled by stripe. All of our system traffic are encrypted using standard SSL with 2048 bit keys, and credit card numbers are not saved into database. So it's considered to be super safe even after enable "Handle card information directly" setting. Please use this url to enable this setting
Stripe Enable Credit Card Direct Payment

2) Stripe chip card reader supports chip card, apple pay and android pay. It will work with stripe account out of box. It can be purchased here(requires stripe account login).

Stripe M2 Reader:

Stripe M2 Chip Reader