Configurable Product

A configurable product will have one or more options, e.g. color or size. It connects to a group of simple children products so that it's easier for user to select.

Mtnpos Store Manager Add Configurable Product

After adding a configurable product, you can click "Manage" to manage this product:

Mtnpos Product Configurable Backend

Type a product name to search and link:
Mtnpos Product Configurable Link Product

You also can click "Create All Children Products" to create new children products.

Click "Manage Properties" to add/edit/delete properties:
Mtnpos Product Configurable Manage Property

After it's done. Click a configurable product on the MtnPOS app, a popup window will appear with a list of children products:
Mtnpos Product Configurable App

Note: after a product is linked to a configurable product, it will not display at the home screen of MtnPOS app.